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Drinking Water Fountains: Essential Hydration for Your Cat

Hydration is a crucial element for the health of ourcats. At PetZeal, we understand the importance of providing clean, fresh water to ourpets. This is why we offer a range of drinking water fountains specially designed for them.

Always Fresh and Clean Water

Our drinking water fountains offerfiltrationoptimal thanks to theiractivated carbon filter, thus guaranteeing water free ofimpuritiesand D'smells. Finished itbackwaterfrom the bowl, yourcatwill benefit from awater jetconstant, simulating therunning waterof afaucet.

Fountains Suitable for Every Cat

  • Silent:Our fountains are designed to be discreet and not to disturb your daily life or that of your pet.
  • Easy to clean:Made instainless steelor inceramic, they can be cleaneddishwasherfor perfect hygiene.
  • Adjustable:Adjust itwater flowdepending on your cat's preferences, whether he prefers a gentle stream of water or a more pronounced flow.

Why Choose a Fountain for Your Cat?

L'tap watermay containimpuritiesorlimestone. Our fountains, thanks to their system offiltration, offer apure waterand healthy, thus encouraging yourcatto drink more and preventdehydration.

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For a complete experience, feel free to explore our collection ofcat bowls. Combined with our fountains, they guarantee optimal nutrition and hydration for your feline.