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Theredog shopAndcatde Petzeal presents its collection to you. Of thepet accessoriestocroquettes, everything is designed for the well-being of yourpet.

Quality Products for Dogs and Cats

Whether you are looking fortoys, of thetreats, of thebasketsor somecat trees, OURpet Shopoffers arangeto meet the needs of yourfart. Ourdog productsAndcatsare selected from among themajor brandsasRoyal CaninAndPro Plan.

Everything for the Comfort and Health of Your Pet

Of thecat accessorieslike thescratching postsand thehammocks, todog accessoriessuch as theanti-bark collarsAndanti-fugue, we have everything you need. Also check out our range ofveterinary productsand D'parasiticidesto protect yourcatOrdogof theticksAndfleas.

Suitable Nutrition for All Animals

OurcroquettesAndwhole foodsare designed to meet the nutritional needs of allbreeds. Whether you have aLabrador, ABulldogor oneindoor cat, you will find theanimal feedideal.

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Discover ouraccessories for dogs and catslike thetransport cages,bowls,litter boxesAndelectronic cat flaps. Eachdog accessoryAndcatis designed to make your daily life and that of yourpet.